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Learn new digital skills!!

Updated: Apr 23

In conversation with Nasscom president, Debjani Ghosh, she highlights the need to upgrade oneself with the digital skills which have become a key in almost every sector today!

- The young graduates entering the workforce today, possess skills which are outdated & don't meet the demands.

-Today, possessing digital skills is not only limited to IT, but has expanded across industries & sectors like banking, finance, healthcare, education.

-This has induced the employees & staff to adapt & learn them quickly.

-Pandemic has accelerated the force of digitization.

The demand for these competencies is 8x more than supply & expected to rise 20x by 2024.

- Every 2 years, the world & its skills requirements change.

-To sustain in this world, a passion for learning is important.

Nasscom has launched FUTURE Skills, program that looked at new technologies, like data analysts, robotics manager, data scientists.

Do visit the website to learn more about the program.

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