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Adieu 2020 !

A glimpse of 2020, year in which I got to stay away from my home & help becoming independent.

As it goes with the saying, "Difficulties mastered are opportunities won".

1. Transferred from Pune office to L&T Chennai Manapakkam Campus. (10th March). Visited Mahabalipuram, Marina Beach with friends, a week before lockdown.

2. Explored the vast & beautiful campus. During lockdown, 15 of our group members with all the precautions, came to the office as WFH wasn't convenient. So enjoyed the routine & was able to practice my hobbies. (wasn't bored!)

3.After a memorable 1.5 yrs journey, I left L&T to pursue my further studies.Also, a travel in Covid times was an unique experience.

4. Upon returning, started my E-commerce store, became a seller on Flipkart and IndiaMART. (Lots to learn here still).

6. As lockdown eased, explored new places with friends and family.

7. Eventually, built a good network on LinkedIn, acquired new skills, specially Personal Branding & Digital Marketing, to name a few.

As we set new goals for the coming year, I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New year.

Let 2021 bring us many such rewarding moments to share.

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