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3 Common reasons for resume getting ignored!

We spend hours of searching & applying for job roles, but no response from the recruiter. It is frustrating cycle but there are some possible remedies for this.

1. You are ignoring the Applicant Tracking System. (ATS)

  • Not keeping the design simple & presentable.

  • Not matching the resume with job description.

  • Not including key-words from the open position.

2. Not customizing the resume as per the job description

  • Remember one resume does not work for all job applications.

3. Not highlighting your achievements.

  • The HR is more interested in knowing your contributions & success stories in your current job.

  • If you are just mentioning your responsibilities, nor it appeals to recruiter neither you stand out from other applicants.

To learn about resume writing tips, get in touch & learn to market yourself.

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